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Here in San Diego, as well as in Escondido,  there are going to be very few instances where you just have to remove a tree because a storm hit it real hard. Most of the tree removal services that we provide are for people that want to use up that space to do something else with their property. This is a perfectly valid reason to have a tree removed. Maybe that particular tree gives off a lot of debris in the fall and dealing with that is just pain for you. Again, those are valid reasons to have a tree removed and we can help you accomplish it.

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Thinking About The Aftermath of Tree Removal

Without a doubt, one of the things that is usually at the forefront of our list of concerns is the aftermath of removing the tree. If we are talking about a very large that has been in that spot for years and you want to remove it completely, then there is going to be a pretty big hole where the tree once stood. Many times people don’t want to have to deal with that, so they would rather have us leave a stump behind. We can tailor our removal services to fit exactly what you are looking for. It’s important for us though, that you know what to expect from our services!

Not Every Removal Can Be Done In One Piece

When we are doing removals we want to make sure that we are not putting your home or a building at risk. This means that more often than not we are not going to be able to chop down a tree and just watch it fall. Instead, we are going to have to cut it down bit by bit. To make sure that we can control the fall a bit better. Doing this will not necessarily affect the aftermath of removing the tree. It can make the process a bit longer. We just want to make sure that you have that in mind. We can’t always just chop a tree down in 3 seconds!

Signs That You May Need To Remove A Tree

Around here we don’t get the massive storms that you would have to overly worry about knockin over or uprooting your tree. Still, if you have an older tree that looks like a strong wind could cause it to fall it’s a good idea to think about removal. Most of the removal procedures that we do though are on trees that started growing towards a building, or towards a street. Also stumps should be removed by the use of stump grinding. That is why proper development is so important.

Removing Different Types of Trees

This goes back a little bit to what we talked about when we mentioned that not all trees are going to be able to be removed in one piece. Some parts are left like roots. This scenarios needed tree root removal service. Different types of tree bark can also “react” differently to an ax or a chain saw. These are things that you would certainly need to know before removing a tree. We can take care of all of the little details to provide a decent finish at the end of the day!

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